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MSM Solutions, Inc. is a framing/drywall/paint contractor servicing general contractors, owners and builders. We have expertise in interior construction for commercial and residential projects. MSM has successfully completed a variety of projects ranging from multi-family dwellings, offices, schools and low/mid/high rise buildings.

MSM Solutions, Inc. is MBE, DBE and CMSDC certifications with the State of Illinois. We are a 100% minority owned, self-performing union contractor.

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MSM Solutions, Inc. is a framing / drywall / paint contractor servicing customers of varying scales and across different industries. We have expertise in handling residential and...


Our Credentials

MSM Solutions is MBE, DBE and CMSDC certified within Illinois. We are a 100% minority owned operated and controlled business, licensed, bonded and insured...


Our History

Mario McIntosh established MSM Solutions, Inc. in 2003 based on the premise that “Customers don’t deserve better; they deserve the Best!” With that vision in mind MSM...

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